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Top kennel of Russia 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Gently Born puppies

Puppies of the Riesenschnauzer and MiniatureSchnauzer black and white

TOP Kennel of Russia in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 "Gently Born"

has black Riesenshnauzer / Giant Schnauzer puppies and exclusive white miniature shnauzer / zwergschnauzer puppies available now.  Out puppies come with all the necessary documents and health guarantee, are vaccinated, and are raised with love, they are playful and friendly. We provide you with the set of documents for each puppy:

- Puppy registration documents/Pedigree (puppy card, if needed - FCI pedigree)

 - International veterinary certificate. If needed - European Union veterinary certificate and chip

 The price for the puppies may vary and depends on its pedigree, classification and show and training perspectives.  Anyway all our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health, free of genetic defects, sociable and great for shows, sport, breeding or just as a friend for you and your family/children.  We guarantee our professional attention for all our customers, and will be happy to help answer any of your questions concerning raising the puppy, training, etc.

 For our puppies:  lifelong consultation, veterinary assistance, professional dog food with discounts, training facilities, grooming and everything that your puppy may need.  If you are interested in our puppies, please contact us at  8-495-9236825 or by e-mail

We will be glad to help you choose the puppy breed, color, coat type. Please feel free to call us now and visit us.  Adorable puppies are waiting for their new owners!


Giant Schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer, born 28 February 2022

Giant Schnauzer puppies 

We offer Giant Schnauzer puppies only to responsible person! For those who can raise and educate our puppy, give them love, affection and care. Giant puppies are strong, powerful, active. Parents of puppies have a strong psyche, excellent security and working qualities,all of them passed exam with good marks. All parents are good producers with excellent genetics. CHAMPIONS are born from Champions! The best thing that can be with you, a reliable protector and affectionate friend - a Giant Schnauzer!


Giant Schnauzer / Riesenschnauzer, born 21 October 2021

WE have a new litter now


MiniatureSchnauzer / Zwergschnauzer,black, born 17 of may, 2021

Miniature schnauzer 05/17/2021 charming miniature schnauzer puppies were born kennel "Gently Born" from Champion parents , black color with RKF documents, girls and boys with cropped and uncropped tails are waiting for loving parents The puppies are very active, beautiful with excellent bones and excellent character - for exhibitions, breeding and just for the soul! Ready to become loyal family members, best friends, and even dependable protectors Miniatures are fearless, playful, the smallest working breed. Does not fade, odorless, does not cause allergies, gets along well with children, ideal for keeping in urban environments. Our team will help you in raising and training a puppy. Puppies are waiting for their owners! Details by phone +79859236825 kennel Gently Born